Remember Me Cards

Do you remember people's faces and then forget their names? Do you remember names, but forget what they look like? The average person can usually remember one or the other. How are you at remembering someone else's phone number? These social cards will simplify your life.
Remember Me Cards are easy to carry--they are business card size. They are durable and will hold up over the years with a high gloss UV coating on the front and a matte finish on the back that will allow you to write on the card.
These are printed by offset presses with your picture in full-color on the front. Your contact information will be printed on the reverse side.
The process is simple:
All we need is a digital picture of you. Send it to us as an email attachment to [email protected]. Ideally, we need a jpg digital picture of you and of course your pet(s). If you need a picture taken we will come to your location (for a fee) if you live in Southwest Florida.
In the email, give us the information that you would like to appear on the back of your card; ie. mailing address, telephone and cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website or blog addresses, or the social networks that you belong to (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.).
We will send a PDF (email attachment) for you to view and approve before it goes into print. Once approved you should have your Remember Me Cards within three to four business days. All orders will be delivered by UPS.

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