Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

Your book is either done or almost done. Now that the cover has been designed and we know exactly how many pages your book has, we can start promoting it. We have provided some marketing tools (below) at tremendous savings for our authors. Why do you need tools? Because you are your best salesperson. Yes, we will work alongside you to promote your book, but no one will promote your book better than you.
If you haven't done so already you need to get your own account in Facebook. You will be amazed how important this tool is to your initial success. Your friends want to know what you are doing. They will be excited when they read that your book is available for sale. If you need assistance with setting up accounts in social networks, we will be glad to assist.

We have five accounts in Facebook. The one you are most interested in is Faithful Life Books. Your book will be introduced there to our readership. They will see the cover design and will be able to read a description of the book. Below the description will be a link that will take them to our website where we sell your book. They will be able to purchase it with either their Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Paypal, account. Once we have your book in Facebook, we will TAG it to your page profile. Your friends will be thrilled to hear from the publisher of your book and will place orders immediately.

We also have a private Facebook page that discusses various kinds of marketing techniques. We also discuss what is happening behind the scenes at Faithful Life. Let me know that you would like into this and I will send you an invitation.
Above and beyond your personal Facebook profile, you can create a FAN PAGE. This page account will allow you to promote your book to Facebook users by taking out an ad. We can help you with this. Check out Facebook Fan Pages in this category section of Publishing.
Along the way, you will want to do some shoe leather sales, where you talk with people face-to-face. This is the perfect time to hand them your business card and/or a News Release. Your local Christian bookstore may allow you to post flyers and/or place your bookmark promo at the checkout counter. Ask your local Christian bookstore to stock your book. Offer to place them there on consignment-- when they sell you get paid. Inquire about an author book signing at the store. When they agree to a signing, invite your whole church to come out.

You need to give your book exposure. That may mean that you give a few copies away. We highly recommend giving one to your pastor or his wife. Ask your pastor for permission to place a flyer in the church bulletin or for a flyer to be placed on a church bulletin board. Maybe they would feature your book in the church newsletter. Does your church have a library or bookstore? Ask to have your book included.

There are lots of places where you can meet people and get the word out about your book -- just be creative and don't hold back.

We can direct you to a company that will build a website for you in seven days. They will work with you to create a site that will meet your needs. Just ask, we will direct you to them.

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