A Culture Going Mad

A Culture Going Mad

A Culture Going Mad

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Societal Issues That Threaten the Survival of Western Culture

In this small volume, the author focuses on some of the dangerous major issues that are occurring in our Western culture and societies of this present age. These issues are evil and dangerous. They diametrically oppose the values and morals of not only common sense but of the traditions and values of the Judeo-Christian faith upon which the Western culture is based.

The theme of this book seeks to show the falseness and the insanity of their behavioral beliefs and practices, which if continued to grow will result in the loss of freedoms, chaos, and destruction of American culture as we know it, as well upon other democratic societies of the Western culture. Language is revised, words are perverted or prevented, freedom of thought and speech is denied, and perverted beliefs and behavior are promoted.

By focusing the light of God's Word, which is the ultimate 'Truth' itself, upon these sinister issues that plague us (and America especially), they are exposed as being antithesis to common sense--violently crippling to our freedoms, seeking to bring down Western culture and replace it with disastrous tyrannical controls. This book should help Christians and anyone concerned about the adverse political and societal changes in America and the world today. They need to understand what is happening, and perhaps even assist our leaders who are in a position to forestall these evils which threaten us.

Written by Ron Surels, 2023, paperback, 90 pages.

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