ABCs of Teen Development

ABCs of Teen Development

ABCs of Teen Development

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After working with teens for over 30 years, Steve Damron decided to share some life lessons he gained through helping young people in book format. The writing of this book came from his search for teen material when he first began in youth ministry. There was a great deal of information about fun activities and developing teen events but very little on helping steer young people toward godliness. This book does not claim to cover every aspect of working with teens, but it does cover A through Z.

This book was written to help equip parents, pastors, or youth workers with vital information to assist young people in thriving spiritually. Steve has been involved in Christian work for over 30 years, beginning with a junior high youth group in the spring of 1991. During this time, he has spoken to teens in 40 states and ministered to them in over 20 countries.

Steve can be found hiking and camping in his spare time. He has written a few books and articles over the years and continues to write and produce three podcasts. He can be contacted through or

Written by Steve Damron, 2023, paperback, 326 pages.

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