But God — A Life Lived with Purpose

But God — A Life Lived with Purpose

But God — A Life Lived with Purpose

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But God - A Life Lived with Purpose is the memoir of David De Jong, who devoted his life to building for God's kingdom with his hands, with his heart for others, and through preaching and teaching the gospel. David received the call of God on his life as teenager, resulting in an unwavering faith and focus on serving the Lord.

Many young people after the Second World War were called as missionaries to foreign lands to sacrifice the comforts and promise of a safe life at home to follow God and carry His message to difficult countries and people. David enthusiastically heeded that call. He was uniquely prepared in his youth for a ministry of worldwide building projects spanning over eight decades.

David shares his memories of a life lived on purpose and of God's faithfulness no matter the obstacles. He gives us stories of God's intervention in seemingly impossible situations to fulfill His purpose, detailing those "But God" moments of joy, adventure, humor, challenge, loss, grief, miraculous provisions, and protection. He faithfully preached while completing innumerable construction projects for 17 years in South Africa, raised a family there during apartheid, and tells of the tragic loss of his young son. David recounts the founding of an international ministry after returning to the States, and later, the loss of his first dear wife to a long cruel disease. David's life was too full to retire. He enjoyed his sons and their families, fell in love again, married, and served together at home and in Africa until the very end. His journey shines as an example of commitment and perseverance in the furtherance of the gospel, and how God can use a life yielded to Him.

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