Abraham; The Friend of God

Abraham; The Friend of God

Abraham; The Friend of God

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Join us in this study of Abraham as he teaches us what it is to live by faith.  The story of Abraham covers approximately one-quarter of the book of Genesis and one-third of Hebrews 11. The Word of God teaches us that God called Abraham to live by faith.

The lessons from Abraham's life of faith are key for us today. Like Abraham, God has called each of his children to a life of faith. May we learn much from his life as we journey through this study!

I challenge each of you to pray that God would open your eyes and your understanding as we open the Word of God in this book and journey through the life of the man who is known as the friend of God. May this book help us draw near to our Lord and deepen our faith in Him.

Written by Danny Jack, 2023, paperback, 174 pages.

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