For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This

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FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS is the autobiography of a young pastor who had a devastatingly harrowing experience that adversely affected his life. An exuberant young man who was called by Christ and lived all his life serving God, he once thought he had everything under control until he came under the hands of fate, an experience he would not wish for his enemy. Justin was involved in a terrible accident in which he lost his left leg and had to stay in hospital for over a year battling infection alongside having to contend with what relevance his life from now on will have and also certain judgmental comments from some close associates.

Even then, this book is about God's unsearchable mercies and love. It is a story of the love of God towards the author, the love of his newly married wife and the brethren towards him in his moment of need, and most comforting of all, the author's unshakable love for God despite all he went through. Although a harrowing experience, this work is nonetheless a ride into the world of the miraculous, where God's peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit expel bitter memories. You will find this work interesting, but you are advised to hold your heart in your hand while the reading lasts.

Written by Justin Nenge, edited into American English 2023, paperback, 122 pages.

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