Getting It Right

Getting It Right

Getting It Right

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Contextual Accuracy and Precision in Interpreting the Word of God

Interpreting the Bible should involve more than just repeating the popular understanding of a passage. Just because certain verses are printed on Christian gifts and passionately proclaimed by well-known Bible teachers does not mean their interpretation of those texts is correct.

Seasoned pastor and theologian Dr. Bob Payne encourages the Bible student to dig into the Biblical text for himself, using the rules of context, history, and grammar to come to an accurate and precise meaning. He warns the reader of modern influences that lure the Christian away from a normal interpretation of the text and then deals with specific Old and New Testament passages that are commonly misinterpreted.

Whether you are a seasoned pastor or a young believer interested in a deeper understanding of God's Word, Getting It Right is a vital book for our confusing age.

Written by Bob Payne, 2023, paperback 116 pages and eBook.

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