In the Dispensation

In the Dispensation

In the Dispensation

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What is Dispensationalism? Why is understanding Dispensationalism important? How does God deal with people in the Old and New Testaments? What are the characteristics of dispensations in the Bible? How are the dispensations different from one another and how are they the same? These are questions a biblical student may ask.

In this book, Michael D. McCubbins, Th.D. gives a very readable and detailed explanation of the dispensations in the Bible. He explains the meaning of dispensations and the characteristics that constitute each one. Dr. McCubbins also gives ample illustrations from the Scriptures and outlines the parameters of each dispensation. He adequately explains how each dispensation has a specific purpose, how man received specific responsibilities, and how man failed in each dispensation. However, the knowledge that this study brings to the reader’s heart is a joy when he or she comes to realize that God’s grace and mercy is evident in every dispensation. The value of such a book as this one is that it enhances the reader’s appreciation for God’s sovereignty and oversight, not just in the big picture but also in the intimate details of our lives. 

Written by Michael D. McCubbins, 2023, paperback, 312 pages.

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