Memoir of a Country Preacher

Memoir of a Country Preacher

Memoir of a Country Preacher

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This is the story of how a “farm kid” was brought by God from the lowest to the highest. It is the story of his background, parentage, relatives, acquaintances, friends, schooling, teachers, jobs, activities, ministries, churches, businesses, and nuclear family. It is the story of his struggles with poverty and his overcoming of those struggles by God’s grace. It is the story of his hopes and dreams. It is the story of the influence of many people and things he loves, a few things he hates, and some things he is completely ambivalent about.

Lloyd Streeter says, “I am what I am. Perhaps some people will not like what I am. But I am deeply grateful for the people who have loved me, been patient with me, and helped me along life’s pathway. I have received more kindness from people than I deserve.”

Streeter writes about the people, places, experiences, and circumstances that have impacted his life on these pages. He mentions many people he knows, many kids from his school days at Oscoda, many in his pastorates, and many preachers.

Written by Lloyd Streeter, 2024, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 204 pages long.

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