Note to Self: Make a Meaningful Difference

Note to Self: Make a Meaningful Difference

Note to Self: Make a Meaningful Difference

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In a world characterized by constant distraction and cognitive dissonance, we often find ourselves delaying to do what is right at the moment that we understand that it is the right thing to do. That is, we don’t strike when the iron is hot.

When I ministered in Tanzania, East Africa, I had many friends who were cattle herders. One such friend was named Danieli the Barabaig. Danieli gave me a bull’s horn one day that was harvested and hewed out to be a “drinking vessel.” On the outside of that vessel is the brand with which all his cattle are branded. He branded all his cattle in the same manner by which he branded that vessel—by applying a rightly shaped iron to the backside of an unsuspecting animal while it was hot.

I trust that this booklet will be the rightly shaped iron that has warmed your heart and made it hot with conviction. But now, you need to strike! You need to make an informed decision that will impact not only your life and your family's life but the lives of those families who have never heard.

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