Persecution in the Church

Persecution in the Church

Persecution in the Church

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Billy Dickson could have easily stepped away from the faith because he personally suffered hurt and rejection in the church. Instead, Billy offers Biblical solutions and hope for the church.

Pastor Bryan Galloway, Converge Church\

My name is Marcus Brown. I am the Director of Mentoring at Release Inc., a local non-profit agency that serves families and youth in the greater Omaha area through several impactful programs.

Billy Dickson has been a faithful mentor in our mentoring program. He has mentored several youths and has always shown kindness, consistency, love, and compassion toward each youth's struggles and journeys. Mentors like Billy have allowed this program to continue to be so impactful in our community.

We need Christian men who are not afraid to stand on biblical truths and Christian standards and share the gospel with today's youth, our next generation. It is a pleasure to support Billy in his book and endorse his efforts in our mentoring program.

Marcus Brown

Billy Dickson is a one-of-a-kind person (which is why I enjoy him), so it is not unusual that his latest book fits that same description. This book is his story of how several different churches he was a part of became uncomfortable when he didn't fit the mold of everyone else in the church. As a result, they left him with no place to minister with them. This book not only tells that part of his story but also includes some of his thoughts as to how the church could improve. Billy knew becoming bitter was an option, but not the path he wanted to follow. Hopefully, this book will cause you to think about your own experience in the body of Christ.

Dale Frimodt, A fellow traveler in Christ's journey

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