Revival That Remains

Revival That Remains

Revival That Remains

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In the mid-to-late 20th century, a spirit of revival moved through Eastern North Carolina. This revival was not limited to churches but manifested itself in numerous businesses as well. One soul winner in particular won many to the Lord, and a number of those he won went on to become preachers. Some of those preachers began significant worldwide ministries. Another pastor was moved to begin a mission agency. Revival That Remains gives brief accounts of these soulwinning efforts and the beginnings of these churches and ministries.

However, this book is much more than a historical record: it also documents how the revival of the past continues to this day. It gives examples of how the fruit of that revival has matured. The accounts are somewhat localized, but the God Who stirred that revival and Who acted on behalf of His servants is unchanging and omnipresent. This book will inspire believers everywhere:

- To trust God more

- To pray more diligently for revival in our day

- To make a greater effort to win souls to Christ

- To support the ministries that God has initiated in the past.

Written by Rick Aldridge, 2024, paperback, 162 pages.

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