Sharpen Your Sword

Sharpen Your Sword

Sharpen Your Sword

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Sharpen Your Sword

Helps to Enable the Believer to Utilize the Word of God for Victory!

Sharpen Your Sword contains a wealth of information and help for the believer in their knowledge and use of the Word of God. Also called “the sword of the Spirit,” the Bible should be the weapon we use daily in spiritual warfare. However, the Sword is useless if it is not picked up. It is also useless if we do not study and use it properly.

This book begins with an introduction, or overview, of the Bible. It also contains vital help for reading, studying, and memorizing the Scriptures. Other chapters explore some of the most significant texts regarding understanding the Bible, such as 2 Timothy 3:16, Psalm 19, and Psalm 119.   

The Sword of the Spirit has been given to the believer to help gain victory. I pray this book will aid each reader in skillfully wielding his sword.

Written by Steve Damron, 2023, paperback, 100 pages.

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