STOP Interfering with God's Way!

STOP Interfering with God's Way!

STOP Interfering with God's Way!

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The stories in this book mirror the all-too-familiar mindset of lukewarm Christians following the traditions of man (Mark 7:5-8) instead of the infallible Word of God.

As a result, we are now living in a time during which evil has adeptly distracted our focus as a nation, as the world, and, worse of all, as Christians.

Since that fateful day when the serpent convinced Adam and Eve their total dependence upon God for the perfect lifestyle they were living could be improved if they took matters into their own hands, humanity has become ravenously addicted to their relatively brief "here and now" tenures on this earth.

To this very day, mankind's overwhelming focus is to "fit in well in our world down here."

God's goal, however, is to make mankind fit for up there.

One of Satan's more successful approaches to obscure today's generations from seeking God has been the media. Society's overwhelming addiction to nonstop negativity gushing from our mobile devices and virtually inescapable television screens has grossly distorted our already fragile human values along with many Biblical virtues.

That unwelcome downward spiral appears to have succeeded in persuading even the leaders in some of our churches and denominations to dilute biblical mandates. It appears their goal is not to offend our current society's radical social reforms.

Sadly, however, they apparently do not mind offending God.

Written by Jerry Vornholt, paperback, 128 pages.

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